Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin In Me!

What do you WANT for Christmas this year?

Is a little more PEACE at night on the list?

If so, you’re not alone.

Peace seems to be the #1 desire of 80% of my clients this year.
It’s the longing of most of the Christian women I’ve had the pleasure of sitting across tables in coffee shops with.

It’s what I was desperate for a few years ago.

I still have to fight for it when overwhelm starts to rear its ugly head, but I’m learning how to shift back into it a little quicker these days. It helps when I remember my vow statement.

” I can’t bring hope and healing to the world if I am not healthy.”

To be healthy means to be at PEACE… in my body, my mind and my soul.

One of my favorite things to do with my clients is to help them create their vow statements or “anchor” words.

We dig deep to uncover their Big MOFA.. or motivating factor.. for change.
When we know WHY we are taking steps to do things differently it becomes easier to make choices that are in alignment with what we want to be experiencing. I have them use their senses to create reminders all around them that serve as mini coaches in between their sessions, reminding them what they are going for.

I thought it might be nice to commemorate their journey and celebrate all the change they created this year by putting their anchor word on an ornament.

I have always given my kids ornaments in their stockings each year marking a key event in their life; ballet slippers if they started pointe that year, a football if they’d won a state championship, a cupcake if they had picked up a love for baking.. or maybe just a photograph in a frame from a special time.

So I pulled out my sharpie and started handwriting the words that had sprung from my client’s hearts…

Words like…

“Best Me”





That’s a lot of women longing for more peace, isn’t it?

When I first ask them what it is they really want, it may start with …

“I just want to feel better.”
” I want more energy.”
” I want to be healthy.”
” I want to be ME again… happy and joyful.”
” I need more capacity.. more space in between to breathe.”
” I want to be less anxious.”
” I want to stop doubting my decisions.”
” I want more quiet space.”
” I want to feel better about myself and be content with who I am.”
” I want a simplified life and schedule.”
” I just want to feel settled and get rid of the restlessness.”
” I want to be able to sleep at night.”
” I want contentment in my soul.” 

When I ask them what’s important about feeling better, having more energy, being healthy or happy or having space to breathe, and their soul finds permission to voice what it has been trying to communicate through the body.. through fatigue, aching joints, digestive pain, tension… it whispers..


“Please give me peace.”

Can we just sit with that a moment?

Or better, yet, can we all just gift ourselves 2 minutes of peace right now?

Stop reading.
Step away from the computer.
Put the phone down.
Go find a place where you can just sit and ground yourself.
If you want to light a candle and turn on some music, go for it, but it’s not required.

Peace is not found in the external. It’s internal.

We just need to give ourselves permission to BE with it.

Or maybe I should say be with Him.

Clear the mechanism of your mind and simply Be.


That’s it.

If your to-do list starts bombarding your mind, just notice it, and then shift your focus back to your being. To your body. Feel where you are in space. Feel the breath moving through your chest. recognize the color of your eyelids.

Give yourself the gift of PRESENCE.

Ok, go! 

He’s waiting for you there.

I’ll be waiting for you here.
How was that for you?

I hope it was refreshing.
Maybe it felt settled. Restful. Maybe you feel just a little bit better.

If, not, I will say it again… you’re not alone.

I find that for most people it feels hard. That’s ok. Your brain just thinks you’re crazy. It’s not used to it. It’s foreign. That’s where those anchors we create come in.. to remind you that on the other side of discomfort there is

This Christmas we celebrate THE PRINCE OF PEACE.

The GIFT of Christmas is the PEACE he gives.

He has already given it.

His peace is available to us every day. We simply have to stop waging war with ourselves and start living in it.

We often blame the enemy for stealing our peace, but I’m finding that more often the foe is me.

We can be our own worst enemies.

Webster’s defines PEACE as …

  • freedom from disturbance
  • the absence of war
  • freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts/emotions
  • security
  • order
  • harmony in relationship
  • stillness
  • calm
  • accord or agreement
  • armistice
  • ceasefire
  • to be settled

and I love the verb form…

Peace is … TO BE, BECOME or keep silent or quiet. 

One of my clients made an action step for herself to create more space for peace over the holidays. She created an anchor to remind her to keep silent when she’s tempted to come to the rescue of her child with her words. She realized that space is what both of them needed to return to peace quicker and that her attempts to bring peace immediately by trying to fix or control the lack of it often backfires. She has learned that PEACE STARTS WITH HER.

What if in 2020 we all agree to a ceasefire on all the things that are robbing us of our peace?

I’m not talking about abandoning your family or quitting your job tomorrow.

I’m talking about taking personal responsibility to BE PEACE. To BECOME PEACE; to begin walking in step with HIM in a way that feels better, more energizing, less anxious, more settled.

I got a sweet note from another one of my clients after she received her ornament. I loved what she said and wanted to share it with you…

” Thank you for my beautiful gift!!! When I opened it, it gave me overwhelming peace. It’s like my heart melted and the walls I’ve built-up came tumbling down. The first thing that came to mind was the song, ‘Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.’ Wow! What a break thru!”


What if we all decided that this year we are going to
let peace begin in us?

One of the mantras I learned in my training this year was…

Transformation starts with you.

If we want a more simplified life and schedule
If we want a more peaceful environment
If we want better relationships

If we want peace in our worlds, we have to begin with us.


What do you need to BEGIN 2020 from a place of PEACE?

  • Do you need to stop waging war on yourself and start fighting for freedom from the thoughts that keep you up at night?
  • Do you need to start creating order in your external and internal environment by decluttering what is robbing you of your peace?
  • Do you need to create peace in your physical body by clearing out the toxins of processed foods and excess sugar and gift yourself with more energy, a stronger immune system, and a healthy vessel to carry out your mission?  Maybe you just want to be comfortable in your body again so you can focus outward. I’ve learned firsthand that our bodies and souls are interconnected. Sometimes it’s easier to start with the physical peace.
  • Are you ready to say YES to the longings of your soul by getting really honest and voicing them?
  • Do you need accountability and support to start stepping into more peace?

What if we learned how to step back, let go, create more space, find more energy, and commit to a pursuit of PEACE?

If Peace is on your Christmas list this year, and you don’t find it wrapped under your tree or in your stocking, try looking within you.

Close your eyes and hand her the gift yourself.

Praying for each of you and wishing you a Christmas filled with the peace that passes all understanding!

Merry Christmas!



For a child has been born- for us!
the gift of a son- for us!
He’ll take over the running of the world.
His names will be:
Amazing Counselor
Strong God
Eternal Father

Prince of Peace.
His ruling authority will grow, and there’ll be no limits to the wholeness he brings. 
Isaiah 9:6 ( Message )


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The Secret to Healing Your Plantar Fascitis That No One is Talking About; How Being the Sole Support for Others Takes It’s Toll On You.

Are you the kind of person that  makes sure everyone and everything around you is supported and stable? 


Do you absorb their burdens, emotions, and stress as your own?

I used to come home from work every day with a tension headache, low back pain and just plum worn out.

I’d grab for my daily dose of ibuprofen and collapse on the couch to try and regain enough energy to make dinner. 
And I was only working 25 hrs/week. 
I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t seem to handle my seemingly easy load.

One day it hit me.

I wasn’t just physically exhausted.
I was emotionally and mentally depleted too.

As helpers we tend to pour our whole selves into everything we do. 

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Calling For a Ban on This TOXIC Mother’s Day Message: Thanks for ALL THE THINGS You Do!

You don't have to do all the things.


I helped my daughter pick out some flowers for her teacher this week to show her appreciation for ALL THE THINGS she has done for her this year.

At the last minute Friday morning, she scrambled to find a message to go with them. She had already made her a giant sized card out of poster board, but this girl doesn’t do anything half way. She copied these words on a little card, glued it to a dowel stick and inserted it into the vase and was finally satisfied with her offer.

These words can be found on countless Mother’s day cards, and who knows, maybe you will get one tomorrow with a similar message, because after all , isn’t that what we do?


Our families are grateful.
Maybe that is the outcome we desire;
To be appreciated.

My question for you this morning is ,

“What is it costing you?”

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What is BLOCKING You From Moving Forward? How Our Limiting Beliefs Can Keep Us Stuck



Have you ever stood in the shower and watched the water level start rising around your feet? 

It doesn’t take long to realized that something is blocking the flow of water.

Yesterday, as I stood ankle deep in a stagnant pool, I  lifted  the drain cover to reveal a mass of hair  clogging the passageway.  ( insert gag reflex)

As much as I dread  digging into the scum encased tangles of who knows what kind of hair , if I want the water to start moving  again, I have to get rid of the blockage.  

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Why Changing Our Minds is a Good Thing: Creating Healthy Thought Patterns


I don’t know about you but I CHANGE MY MIND a lot.

Maybe I have a little perfectionism in me or it’s just that  I like to weigh things carefully and consider all of my options.

My indecision can drive my husband crazy.

Anyone ever used this comeback when your man started rolling his eyes at your vacillation?

” I’m a woman. I have the right to change my mind.”

But seriously, this is why I practice minimalism as much as possible. The fewer decisions I have to make, the better.

I’m learning, however, that CHANGING MY MIND can be a good thing.

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Undigested Emotion: Why Ice Cream Can’t Satisfy the Hunger of the Heart

I came in the house the other night with my emotions leading the way.
They led me straight to the refrigerator where my brain came up with the best survival strategy it knew: peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.  I took my bowl and sat down to digest it hoping that it would make me feel better about what I had just experienced. It tasted good going down, but when I got to the bottom of the bowl not only were the negative feelings  still there, now I had a lump of ice cream just sitting in my gut along with my undigested emotions. 

Instead of taking the time to digest my negative emotions I opted to ingest something more pleasurable.  

I just wanted to FEEL BETTER. 

Sometimes when a storm starts brewing inside of us we, with good intentions, go into survival mode by trying to make the best of it. We reach for our go to solution that has “served us well” in the past.

 For me it’s ice cream; for you maybe it’s a glass of wine.

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How to Find Wellness For Our Soul When the Place We are In Feels Toxic

Most of my life I have struggled with the Why of being in a place that is hard.

I am passionate about people thriving and being in healthy environments. I believe that passion is ‘God wired’ and we long to thrive because “He has set eternity in our hearts.”

But does that mean if I find myself in an environment that is hard and full of unhealthy ingredients that I tuck tail and run for cover?
Does that mean that people only thrive in the best of circumstances?

…and what exactly are the ingredients to a healthy thriving place?

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When There is NOT ENOUGH Time to Get All the Things Done: Reframing our Not Enough Mindset

Ever had one of those evenings where you are racing against the clock to get things done?  Afraid that if you stop and sit down you will be unable to DO all the things.. 

You know those things that NEED to be done. 
Those things that every good mom, wife, or strong woman gets done in a day. 

Those things that often keep us DOING and stop us from BEING. 
What does that even mean? To BE.  

I am all about ACTION VERBS. 
When I read my Bible , those are the words I highlight. 

Those are the commands that get me fired up.  I’m like ,”Yes! Let’s do this thing!” It’s empowering.

It feels good to MOVE. 

But those BEING verbs… those are hard. 

Be Still. Be Strong. Be patient. Be content.  

How DO you even learn to BE in the midst of all that needs to BE DONE? 

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What Type of Culture Am I Creating Around FOOD in My Home?

I have been doing a little experiment with FOOD the last month. 

I started my training to become certified as a HEALTH and WELLNESS/LIFE COACH and decided I needed to join in on the cleanse they were doing.

Y ‘all I am so not into FOOD FADS.  I am too frugal to shop in the organic section of the grocery store, and I despise quinoa! 

I decided to try this Cleanse/Healthy eating thing NOT  because I am passionate about nutrition or getting some kind of result, but more out of curiosity… 

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Identifying, Relating, and Resonating: The Writer’s Struggle..


I could feel it happening.. my confidence shrinking, the vision of my dreams slowly fading, the clarity I had just moments before being replaced by a storm cloud that came out of no where ..

I just wanted to end the call…

What was I doing?

Who did I think I was and why in the world did I think I could do anything like this?

I couldn’t even receive her attempts to encourage me , and her offers to continue coaching me were like banana peels I just wanted to throw away… useless.

I pushed the ‘leave the meeting’ button just in time to protect the last ounce of pride I had, and let the tears well up as I slapped my lap top shut like it had betrayed me..


I had just spent HOURS of my day on something that I could not even articulate … What a waste..

If someone asks me one more time what my WHY is I am going to scream!

” I DON’t KNOW!!”


“WHY CAN”T I JUST LIVE, MOVE AND BE without having to explain it? ”

I am sooo tired of trying to figure it out….

My assignment was to keep working on gaining clarity for what my readers needed so that I could use their language and write with that in mind.. So I could RELATE and RESONATE.

Why did that feel like I was betraying my voice?

I was reminded that I can’t just write for myself. That I have to speak my reader’s language…

Doesn’t she know writing is breathing to me?
That if I deny the voice in my heart that is dying to get out then I might as well not write?

How can I BE MYSELF while trying to analyze someone else’s voice and then use marketing strategies to try and reel them in like a fish , making them think I must be speaking directly to them?

That feels like deceit.

Honesty is one of my core values.

I say what I mean and I can not just say what the listener wants to hear.

But then again… what’s the point in putting anything out there for others to read unless it will benefit them?

If I just want to write for me and my benefit then why am I even doing this?

I keep telling myself that is not my motivation, but then why did I get so offended? so hurt?

Why was she telling me to deny my voice?

it was sooo confusing..

First it was ,”You have to find your authentic voice,”… and in the next breathe… “You can’t say it like that because no one will RELATE. You have to change your language so it RESONATES with them… ”

Ugh…. that is too hard and that feels like giving up my identity…

Thus the tears and the trigger…
” I am being rejected… ”
“What I have to say; what I feel, is not what people need… ”
“I am not needed.. ”
“I cannot help anyone… ”
“I am not enough…. ”

..but what about that question I was challenged with in small group the other night when we were studying effective communication..

“Is the purpose of your communication to help the other person flourish or to just make your point?”

Isn’t communication about CONNECTION?

About learning to RELATE so that we are living, moving, and being in relationship together…

Is my life , my work and my gift  just for self expression or is there a greater purpose?

I have got to figure out what IDENTITY even means and why I need to cling to it so much.

Haven’t I struggled with doing it alone?
Haven’t I been longing to CONNECT; to RELATE?

So why am I clinging to ME?

No wonder I have struggled with CONNECTION; thinking people just don’t get me… Or want to …

Lord help me get out of my head and learn to see beyond me!

Remind me that my IDENTITY is IN YOU.

You created me and wired me uniquely, but for a purpose that is greater than myself.

Just as the tree was not made simply to be a tree.

Sure it could stand there all tall and mighty, but unless it drops its leaves,bears fruit, and allows it’s branches to be a place of habitation, it’s canopy to be a covering, and it’s roots to grow wide and deep then It may have hung onto it’s identity but it will shrivel up and die.

Without purpose that extends beyond itself IDENTITY is meaningless.


Webster’s says IDENTITY is the distinguishing character or personality of an individual; individuality; a close similarity or affinity.

It’s what distinguishes us…
but one of the synonyms is SAMENESS…

A closely related word is IDENTIFY, which means..

  • to establish or indicate who or what (someone or something) is;
  • to describe oneself as belonging to;
  • associate (someone) closely with;
  • regard (someone) as having strong links with.

..to link, RELATE, know, discern, pinpoint ,CONNECT..

I think I get it now…

I think the question I have to ask myself is ..

Do I want to fight for my IDENTITY or to IDENTIFY with others?

Do I want to find a tribe of people to do life with; to CONNECT, RELATE; really KNOW others and PINPOINT how we share similar struggles and then LINK up with them so that TOGETHER we can express the full IMAGE and splendor of the creator?

Do I want to talk to myself or have a DIALOGUE?

Can I truly flourish alone?

Alright. I got it.

Lies identified. Truth uncovered.

Here’s another great lesson I learned in my Propel Women’s Personal Leadership group. I think Lisa Harper said it..

” You gotta throw the enemy up against the car and frisk him.”
” Put him in a choke hold until you suffocate his voice and you can’t hear him anymore.” ( Bianca Olthoff)

The enemy always tries to convince us to fight for self , for our rights , for our identity … but he leaves out some vital information.


To fight for self and focus inwardly is to shrivel up and die.

It’s when we open up and learn to IDENTIFY with those God has placed around us that we truly LIVE and find a purpose for our voice.


I stopped myself before I sat down to write this morning and reminded myself to worship first.
..to get out of my head and invite His presence to MOVE in me…

My dog was a little confused by my change in habit as he had just settled by my feet under the picnic table. Because he values CONNECTION more than his comfort he followed me in and sat beside me as I asked Alexa to play us some Hillsong worship..

Here are the words that brought me back from yesterdays rejection to remind me..

“It’s OK not to be OK.”

We are all broken and scattered.

That’s what we have in common.

We all need to be made WHOLE.

But it doesn’t happen by closing our fists around ourselves.

WHOLENESS is the gift on the other side of release…

When we hand over our broken pieces and allow HIM to mend them , blend them, multiply them and distribute them…together  WE ARE MADE WHOLE.

Interesting how the words she used were the words my heart was feeling…

Does that mean the song is not the authentic voice from her heart? I don’t think so.. I think it means she allowed the One who unites us in Spirit to speak the language through her that I needed to hear …

in order that I might be mended and WHOLE ….

not just for my own sake, but so that, just maybe, you might be raised up today too.

All these pieces
Broken and scattered
In mercy gathered
Mended and whole

But not forsaken

I’ve been set free
I’ve been set free

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me, oh
I once was lost
But now I’m found
Was blind but now I see
Oh, I can see it now
Oh, I can see the love in Your eyes
Laying yourself down
Raising up the broken to life
You take our failure
You take our weakness
You set Your treasure
In jars of clay

So take this heart, Lord
I’ll be Your vessel
The world to see
Your life in me,

Can you see it now? Do you get it?
Listen here and let the words wash over you.

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is IN HIM.
They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream.
It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green.
It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”
Jeremiah 17: 7-8