About Me


I’m Kate, and I am the founder of She Walks in Wellness.

I’m a Certified Master Life & Transformational Health Coach, licensed Physical Therapist, Cancer survivor, recovering over-giver & advocate for Caregivers & Care Professionals.

I work with exhausted caregivers & care professionals who feel like they’ve lost their identity in service & at the expense of their bodies.

I help them break free from overwhelm & dis-ease by opening up time for what their soul needs.

I connect them to their unique S.O.U.L roadmap allowing them to embrace boundaries, release burdens and give them the permission slip to welcome Joy, Energy, & Time without the guilt.

Based on my own Healing Journey after Thyroid Cancer & Surgical Menopause & the courageous women I coach I developed the S.O.U.L method, an integrative & scriptural approach to ENJOYING GOOD HEALTH.

As a Physical Therapist…

I learned the impact that just the touch of a finger and the encouraging presence of someone else could have….

I loved helping people overcome limitations and learn to MOVE with confidence, but it was the springing up of their soul that motivated me…

Over the years, I struggled with the professional boundary that limited me from going deeper… Insurance demanded productivity, not passion.

It killed me to rush clients out the door and move on to the next patient knowing they were often wrestling with a deeper pain…

I recognized that for people to move in freedom, they needed more than a ‘ physical’ therapist, they needed someone to take the time to come alongside them and see below the surface…

Just like I did.

After > 20 yrs of facilitating the health and development of others, I found myself in a place of disability; physical, mental, and spiritual…

Every aspect of my being was strained and struggling.

I was surviving but not thriving.

I lost my motivation to come alongside others and I longed for someone to see the red flags in me.

I was screaming on the inside but felt like no one was hearing my cries for help.

My husband tried to help, but I could not articulate what was wrong, and his fix-it mentality just led to frustration as he did not have the answers…

The thing is when we are UNWELL, we don’t know what we need, we just know what we lack.

I have spent the last 5 years working to restore my own health & now feel better than I did in my 30’s.

How did I get there?

When the traditional medical model did not work for me & I found myself in a place of despair, I was forced to turn inward.

I discovered that my physical pain was closely tied to the pain of my soul.

I also discovered that…

we are wired for connection and although we may be able to survive alone, we will never thrive.

I spent years listening to my patients, assessing their pain and faulty movement patterns, identifying strengths and weaknesses, developing goals and treatment plans for their care ….

But when my body stopped me in my tracks, I had to learn how to apply those strategies to my own self-care.

No matter how WELL we look on the outside we all need attention. We all need someone to come alongside us and care enough to facilitate our health…

My mission is to use my voice to say, ” I SEE YOU. I CARE. YOU MATTER. ”

I struggle with a lack of focus because I am a HELPER and I want to help everyone, but God has shown me that there are so many hurting women just like me who feel like there are people who need help more than them, so they keep struggling in silence.

If I can focus on caring for you then you can focus on caring for them and together, we can do our part to bring healing to the world.

We as a society, a church, and healthcare institutions focus our energy on those who are disabled by life. It is a triage mentality. The problem with this mindset is eventually the WELL get weary in their work and are too ashamed to take time and attention away from the wounded.  So, they suffer in silence and what starts as a small laceration sooner or later becomes a gaping wound.

It is time to start practicing PREVENTATIVE treatment.

It is time to quit focusing only on the outward signs of physical ailments and start digging deeper to find the root of people’s pain. I have been doing this work myself and found the secret to SOUL health.

JOIN ME HERE to learn how to tend your SOUL, ENJOY good health & CARE from a place of EASE!

If you have found yourself in a place of exhaustion or dis-ease & are like, Yes Kate! I’m ready to experience more EASE & discover how to care for others well without sacrificing myself, I’d love to connect.

 CLICK HERE   to schedule a time to talk!

I’ll meet you via video chat from the comfort of your own home. You can even snuggle under a blanket, coffee cup in hand. Can’t wait!


Here’s a little more about me…

I am a Midwest girl transplanted into the deep south where I’ve fought to hang on to my ‘neutral accent’ but failed according to my sisters. I live with my husband of 28 years, who is my best friend and biggest supporter & my 13-year-old daughter, who is the spitting image of her daddy with long curly blond hair & a little more sass.  I’m not quite an empty nester but did experience the pangs of letting go when my oldest two flew the coop; one across the world to serve in North Africa and the other, his country.

I love all things outdoors & like to keep life as simple as possible.  Margin and space for my soul to breathe are essential ingredients if you don’t want to see my ugly side.  I am an Enneagram 2, if you haven’t already guessed, which means learning to help from a place of health has been my life’s work!

In other words,… I get you. I am you!

I’d love to connect & create that safe space for you to be on the RECEIVING end for a change so you can get back to a place where you have something left to GIVE.  If I haven’t said it already…You matter!

This world needs you healthy & whole.