About Me


My name is Kate Bartley, and I am the founder of She Walks in Wellness.

I’m a  Certified Wellness and Life Coach and a  Physical Therapist with > 25 years of experience helping people MOVE.  I’m a wife and a mother of 3 who is  passionate about people THRIVING.

If someone in the room is not ok, I am not ok.

My wellness is interconnected with the health of those around me. Call it co dependent if you want, but I have learned God wired me that way.

I am also a MOVER.

I was one of those kids that fidgeted and paced, and did cartwheels up and down the neighborhood. If I wasn’t at the gym I was in a tree.

My second love was helping other people Move. I started coaching my 5 yr old neighbor when I was 10 and had her doing back handsprings in no time.

I realized early on I was not the most coordinated athlete, but the one thing I had on those who were more ‘gifted’ was a triple dose of PASSION.

I soon shifted my passion for sports to a PASSION for MOVING PEOPLE.

The gym I trained in was lacking in resources ,so if we wanted to get better we had to DO THE WORK OURSELVES.  We didn’t always have a coach there to push us. We became mini coaches that spotted and challenged each other. I think I got greater joy from teaching someone else a new skill than acquiring one myself.

I learned the impact that just the touch of a finger and the encouraging presence of someone else could have ..

That childhood gym was my second home, my extended family, my THRIVING place.

The only thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was  a coach.. but as a baby booming girl I knew I had to use my brain so I could be “more than just a coach,” so I got a degree in physical therapy and began ‘coaching’ people to walk again. It was a perfect fit for me, and I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to do it.

I loved helping people overcome limitations and learn to MOVE with confidence, but it was the springing up of their soul that motivated me..

Over the years, I have struggled with the professional boundary that limits me from going deeper… Insurance demands productivity, not passion..

It killed me to rush them out the door and move on to the next patient knowing they were wrestling with a deeper pain…

I recognized that for people to move in freedom, they needed more than a ‘ physical’ therapist, they needed someone to take the time to come along side them and see below the surface…

Just like I do.


After > 20 yrs of facilitating the health and development of others , I found myself in a place of disability. Physical ,mental, and spiritual..

Every aspect of my being was strained and struggling.

I was surviving but not thriving.

I lost my motivation to come along side others and I longed for someone to see the red flags in me.

I was screaming on the inside but everyone was too busy to attend to my cries for help..

My husband tried ,but I could not articulate what was wrong, and his fix it mentality just led to frustration as he did not have the answers…

The thing is when we are UNWELL we don’t know what we need, we just know what we lack.

I have spent the last 2 years working to restore my own health and finding strategies to recover my motivation to MOVE again; Not only to MOVE but to use my life to MOBILIZE others.

I discovered that one of the ways I move is through my fingers on this keyboard.

Writing is moving for me.

It is also my healing place as it helps me process my thoughts and identify my deeper issues that need addressing..

I discovered that my physical pain was closely tied to the pain of my soul.

I also discovered that..

we are wired for connection and  although we may be able to survive alone, we will never thrive.

I have spent years listening to my patients, assessing their pain and faulty movement patterns, identifying strengths and weaknesses, developing goals and treatment plans for their care ….

I have been learning how to apply those strategies to my own self care.

No matter how WELL we look on the outside we all need attention. We all need someone to come along side us and care enough to facilitate our health…

My mission is to use my voice to say , ” I SEE YOU. I CARE. YOU MATTER. ”



I struggle with lack of focus because I am a HELPER and I want to help everyone, but God has shown me that there are so many hurting women just like me who feel like there are people who need help more than them so they keep struggling in silence.

If I can focus on caring for you then you can focus on caring for them and together we can do our part to bring healing to the world.

We as a society, a church, and healthcare institutions focus our energy on those who are disabled by life. It is a triage mentality. The problem with this mindset is eventually the WELL get weary in their work and are too ashamed to take time and attention away from the wounded.  So they suffer in silence and what starts as a small laceration sooner or later becomes a gaping wound.

It is time to start practicing PREVENTATIVE treatment.

It is time to quit focusing only on the outward signs of physical ailments and start digging deeper to find the root of people’s pain. I have been doing this work in myself and found the secret to soul health.

JOIN ME HERE to learn to shift your soul from overwhelm to IT IS WELL.

It’s time to  LIVE, MOVE and BE WELL so you  can LOVE and LEAD WELL.

Ready to get UNSTUCK?

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