WELCOME to my wellness place.

This is where I shift my soul from overwhelm to IT IS WELL.

It has been a private place, but in my search for personal healing I have found that wellness is not found in isolation.

WE are made BETTER when we walk together.

IF you are tired of walking alone, you BELONG here.

If you are looking for someone to come along side  you as you strive to move from struggle to strength let’s join hands and do the WORK OF WELLNESS TOGETHER.

You can survive alone, but if you are SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED and ready to thrive again then this is your first step toward health.

You can not bring healing to others if you are not healthy.

We are all just a basket full of broken pieces, but gathered together we can be an instrument of HOPE to a hungry and hurting world.


It’s time to quit doing this alone.

Does your heart long to mobilize others but you find yourself stuck and ineffective?

It’s time to ask for HELP and let someone pour into you so that you can continue bringing healing in your place.

This work is not another thing for you to add to your weary shoulders.

Women don’t gain strength by adding weight.  It comes when we learn to lighten the load and identify the places of strain.

It is the work of UNLOADING.

It is a place where we will release what tries to bind us and learn to MOVE with a spring in our step again.

Let me GIVE back to you what you have been pouring out to others.

  • An attentive ear
  • a safe space
  • encouragement
  • perspective
  • a gentle nudge
  • and someone to walk along side YOU and support YOU

I want to make sure NO ONE WALKS ALONE and everyone has a SAFE SPACE to process their struggles.

WHY? Because YOU have the POTENTIAL to IMPACT lives so we need you HEALTHY and WHOLE.

It’s time to INVEST some time in YOU.


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