Is life starting to take a toll on you?

  • Are you so busy CARRYING others burdens you neglect CARING for yourself?

  • Are you experiencing emotional and physical symptoms, hormone imbalance or health challenges?   

  •  Do you struggle with loneliness? overwhelm? exhaustion? burn-out or compassion fatigue?

  • Do you feel pulled in a million directions & often overthink or second guess your decisions?

  • Would you love to understand what is blocking you and keeping you stuck?  

  • Do you long for a safe place to express yourself, and feel heard and understood?

Then you’re in the right place! 


I’m Kate & I’m the founder of She Walks in Wellness, a Master Certified Health & Life Transformation Coach, licensed Physical Therapist, Master Mindset Coach, Cancer survivor, Surgical Menopause Warrior, recovering Over Giver & advocate for women with a heart for helping others. 

I work with exhausted & overwhelmed women who are frustrated by their limited capacity to care for others AND have time for the things they long to do.

I empower them to love & lead effectively from a place of JOY, ENERGY and EASE with plenty of TIME for what their soul needs.

I connect them to their unique S.O.U.L roadmap allowing them to

  • embrace boundaries around their TIME & ENERGY

  • release what is weighing them down & creating dis-stress

  • experience Peace in their mind, body & soul

& Give them the permission slip to

  • welcome Joy so they have more to give with EASE.

As a Physical Therapist, I understand the body, but I go deeper than the physical.

As a Transformational Life Coach, I’m trained to help you get sustainable results through habit change using cutting-edge psychology and brain science. 

I combine Faith & Science to help you overcome strongholds & the things that are hindering you from experiencing all God desires for you & help you unlock hope & possibility & discover abundant resources from within. 

Whether you’ve been praying for more confidence & clarity in your purpose, peace of mind, restored health, closer relationships or you just want to feel like you are having a positive impact on those you love and lead, I’m here to walk alongside you and empower you to experience the change you are ready to create. 

I’d love to GIVE back to you what you so generously pour out to others.

  • An attentive ear
  • a safe space
  • encouragement & compassion
  • perspective 
  • a gentle nudge & the stretch you need to overcome fear & move forward in faith
  • belief in your vision & potential
  • and someone to walk alongside YOU and support YOU

My mission is to make sure NO ONE WALKS ALONE, and everyone has a SAFE SPACE to process their struggles.


A FULFILLED, HEALTHY and WHOLE Woman is empowered to impact lives. 

If you can say “YES, that’s me! ” to the following, then YOU are the SHE God has placed on my heart and my MISSION is to WALK alongside & support YOU.

  • I’m overwhelmed & on the brink of burn out and something needs to change.
  • I feel like I’m falling apart & nothing I’ve tried is helping.
  • I’m tired of being exhausted and would love to double my ENERGY so I can love & lead well.
  • I’m trying to BALANCE work, family, and ministry and my SELF CARE is last on the priority list.
  • I’m passionate about the well-being of others, but I’m ready to focus on my own HEALTH.
  • I have been going from doctor to doctor looking for answers to what is going on with me without relief and I’m looking for a more holistic approach and clarity on what I can do to start feeling better.
  • I have recently received a new diagnosis and feel alone and scared and could use some support & clarity for actions I can take to optimize my health.
  • I’m experiencing perimenopause symptoms like hot flashes, heavy bleeding, and migraines and want to learn how to balance my hormones naturally & navigate menopause with ease.
  • I went through surgical menopause and nothing I’ve tried is working to balance my hormones & I’m ready for a more holistic, natural approach.
  • I am trying to restore my health after cancer treatment & want to do everything I can to prevent reoccurrence.
  • I just want to FEEL GOOD in my BODY again.
  • I need healthy BOUNDARIES so I can BREATHE.
  • I want to be able to sing, ” It is Well with my Soul,” again!

If you were nodding your head or your soul was resonating with any of those bullet points then I have a safe space waiting just for you where you can be seen, heard, and understood.